Develop your brand persona to feature star qualities that distinguish you among your fans. Then step into the spotlight, just right, every time.

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Attract your audience. Gather your fans. Invite influencers to spread the word. Find your supporting players and create impact with your award-winning team.

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Set the stage then steal the show. Whether on the world wide web, in social media, or on stage at events, make the scene consistently in character.

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The most important story you tell is the story you tell yourself. — Tamara Parisio

Script Your Shift and create your Playbook for achieving all that you desire. Personally and professionally, it is all one life. Live it intentionally and deliberately. Step into the leading role of your success. Your past is history. Today is here. And tomorrow is yours by design.

The Script Your Shift proprietary method will assist you to create a Playbook to support your award-worthy performance in all that you do. Personally and professionally, live your life by design.

Contrary to what you may have been told, the world—your world—does revolve around you. You are the star. And you come together with everyone else to co-star in this thing called life. Script Your Shift to live authentically aligned with your dreams while supporting others in living theirs.

Are you ready to act boldly in pursuit of your desires? Script Your Shift™ today!

Audition for the next Script Your Shift™ Workshop

A limited number of participants will be selected for each Script Your Shift™ workshop so apply now to receive notice for the next casting call and secure your place in the spotlight!

Script Your Shift™ Workshop

Join the cast for the next workshop. Take time to focus on your role in your success. Rehearse the actions you will take to realize your dream!

Each participant receives :

  • Script Your Shift™ Storytelling Cards 
  • A Script Your Shift™ Playbook
  • Proprietary Script Your Shift™ Worksheets 
  • Top 10 Tips to be Pitch Perfect
  • SWAG (gifts)

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If you don't create your story, someone else will make up one for you—and you might not like it. #ScriptYourShift.

— Tamara


Audition for the next Script Your Shift™ Workshop

A limited number of participants will be cast for the Script Your Shift™ workshops, so apply now to secure your place in the spotlight!