Tamara Parisio Script Your Shift

The Script Your Shift Vision

The most important stories you tell are the stories you tell yourself.
— Tamara Parisio

We believe that an intentional script supports the most predictable journey to success. Every award-winning performance begins with an award-worthy script.

The Script Your Shift Story

Too many people proceed without a working plan. Others have a plan but don't use it to the best advantage. The Script Your Shift™ process assists creation of a Playbook that guides action and keeps your brand, business, and body of work aligned with your most powerful character as you act in the lead role of your success.

“There was another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.”
—Kazuo Ishiguro

Meet the Cast & Crew

These are the people who make things happen in collaboration and co-creation. Join the cast!

tamara parisio creative director

Tamara Parisio

Wordsmith & Creative Director

Art & Industry™ of creative solutions, wordsmithed to reflect the depth of what you do.


Samantha Leiter

Behind The Scenes Orchestra

The magic happens here — it is our best kept secret for incredible outcomes.


Anita Miranda

KISSmet™ Producer

Intuitive, intelligent, and incredibly talented in all things media—get camera ready.

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