Pick Your Playbook—Top Tips for Journaling and Planning

How we view our life as a story often determines how life will treat us. If we see our life as an epic tale, it allows us to step into that big picture with our own greatness. For the most powerful performance, #ScriptYourShift™ and create a Playbook of award-worthy action on this stage called Earth. Realize the power of a plan for the business of your life.

Creating your Playbook includes daily journaling. Noting what works and how to keep doing it will reinforce successful steps. Recognizing what doesn’t work and eliminating or revising those actions will improve performance. And, determining new acts that are missing can boost results.

Unlike a stuffy business plan, your Playbook is personal. It is the guide to living your most awesome life. You refer to your Playbook daily. So, before you begin, ponder the possibilities and make a choice that resonates with you.

Here are the top tips for selecting a journal for your Playbook so you can Script Your Shift™ with joy.

Get a journal that you love.

Script Your Shift Playbook Journal Photo by Matt Ragland on UnsplashTo inspire you in your daily journaling process, start with the paper:

Select a journal with lined paper if you like writing words.
Choose a notebook with grid paper if you like precision and tech.
Opt for blank pages in your playbook if you like free form drawing and writing.

Consider bound vs loose-leaf.

There are many options for your Playbook. Loose leaf will give you flexibility to expand or change the order of things. A bound version has a feel to it that many prefer. There are journal covers for cahiers and notebooks that provide hybrid flexibility. Or you can hole-punch your notebooks and put them in a binder. Make it fit you!

Gather pens and pencils.

Tamara Parisio Script Your Shift Playbook Journal pens photo by Jessica Lewis via unsplashFind a writing instrument that you enjoy. A smooth writing ballpoint, a quill with ink, or a legendary Palomino Blackwing graphite pencil can inspire you to take note.

Include color and highlighters in your selection so you can underscore key concepts and spotlight actions. It’s all about making your mark!

Consider other equipment for flair.

Have scissors and magazines handy for adding a vision collage to your journal pages. Stickers add pop and presence. And erasers or white out can be helpful. Keep sticky notes nearby for tabbing pages so you can find them easily.

Journaling and creating your Playbook is a powerful way to step into character and take on the leading role of your success. We know that writing goals makes us more likely to achieve them. Revisiting your journal daily boosts your progress exponentially. Your Playbook is a core component of the Script Your Shift™ process.

Would you like assistance creating your Playbook of award-worthy actions? Have your people contact my people (or just reach out via the contact page!) and we will make it happen.

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