Make revolutions, don’t wait for resolutions! Then step into the spotlight and Script Your Shift™ for award-winning success.

Set the stage for 2019

... and step into the leading role of your success!

Join me for the next Workshop.

Get into character. Create the Playbook of acts that will propel you into the life you have dreamed. Step into the spotlight.

Ask yourself, ‘Is this my time? What if I act boldly?'

Be More Creative, Inspiring, Profitable—Personally and Professionally.
Allow yourself to grow, to become your greater self, and to break the mold of mediocrity. Find out with clarity what you do differently from others—your star quality. Develop the script for living your life's dream.

As a reminder, here’s what’s included:

  • A deck of ScriptYourShift™ Storytelling cards to prompt you through blocks
  • ScriptYourShift™ worksheets to guide your action
  • ScriptYourShift™ BETA Playbook journal
  • Access to the private ScriptYourShift™ Facebook Group
  • A $50 credit towards any future purchase with me, Tamara Parisio
  • And more!

BONUS: Get Camera Ready, Find Your Best Side, Polish Your On-Camera Poise.
Learn the top ten tips to be ready for your close up! Know how to stand to command your most powerful picture. Gain confidence for your photo opportunities so you welcome the paparazzi.

Act boldly. Take a chance. Join the cast for this Script Your Shift™ Workshop and create your extraordinary year ahead.

Take 4 and Build Momentum for Award-Winning Success

February 23, 2019 from 9AM - 1PM we will host the next Workshop for Script Your Shift™ with Tamara Parisio. Reserve your spot, now! Seats are limited and available by invitation only, first come, first served. The ScriptYourShift™  Workshop has been offered for $1,497 and this special 4-hour session is only $97.

Build momentum for your success! Write your Playbook, make the scene, and perform in the leading role of your success. And you will be a premiere-preneur of the Script Your Shift™ process as you step into your spotlight.


It's in the cards.

Intuition is the next frontier of personal and professional development. Enjoy the Script Your Shift™ Storytelling Cards as a playful tool to assist you in getting clarity, direction, or ideas. The most important story you tell is the story you tell yourself. Make it a good one.

You will receive a deck and you will learn the 9-card layout so you can prepare to the 9's.

Are you ready? invest in finally showing up in your life? Finally creating a strategy that works for you—and is FUN?

Join the ScriptYourShift™ Workshop. Get ready to create some amazing new things in your life! Questions? Send me an email via this form and we can figure out if this is the next step for you.

As with all of the net revenue my work generates... a percentage of the revenue for this promo will go to a local non-profit that supports women. This quarter I am donating to Circle of Helping Hands.

Would you like to be writing me an email like this?

"Just wanted to say that I have finally found my scene! Thank you for helping me be focused on my dreams and intentional about my life." - Lori

Thank you for co-starring in my community! Every day in every way, we have fun creating our lives and acting on our dreams.


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